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Our floors have a deep soul and tell a story. That of the extraordinary people who have accompanied and inspired us for over 40 years, bringing experience, values and a vision of harmony and beauty. Our parquet floors convey an ideal of sustainable and attentive quality.

1962 — 1982

1962 — Wood has always been the heart of our company. The founders – Nino Gasperini and Angelo Tonella, originally timber traders – were among the first to understand the importance of wooden floors to furnish the many homes that were built during the years of the Italian economic boom. In the small village of Crespano del Grappa, in the Treviso Pre-Alps, the first convoys of fine wood started being imported from the regions of former Yugoslavia.

1982 — Within a short time, wooden floors became the main business. All production was dedicated to them and the business was also renamed Crespano Parchetti. The new name was chosen to express the strong bond with the territory and with the woodworking tradition, which dates back to the most ancient times in Crespano del Grappa. Parquet floors were made with utmost care and increased popularity as they spread beyond regional borders.

1997 — 2004

1997 — The creative spirit of the company remained alive and this led to the introduction of the innovative processing of pre-finished three-layer parquet, which was still unknown in Italy at the time. Thanks to the new technology, wooden floors entered everyone's homes, guaranteeing practicality and resistance. This is how Antico Asolo 3 layers was created: the fine range of large parquet boards that are still among the most popular products in our catalogue.

2004 — Our great love for nature was acknowledged by the UNI EN ISO 14001 2004 environmental certification. Proudly, Crespano Parchetti was one of the first companies in Italy to receive it. Thanks to the desire of the new management, formed by Massimo Gasperini, Antonio Tonella and Cristina Gasperini, all the processing of wooden floors was inspired by the philosophy based on cradle to cradle eco-sustainable living: a virtuous and more responsible cycle of products that are designed, created, enjoyed and managed up to the end of their life cycle in a fully ecological way.

2008 — 2010

2008 — Fresh energies enlivened the company thanks to the arrival of the Commercial Director, Gianni Miatello, who brought about new production and commercial enthusiasm. Crespano Parchetti became CP Parquet with a new, more dynamic and modern name, and a new brand. The style of communication, entrusted to the Marcantonio advertising agency was also changed to enhance the image of wooden floors and communicate the great attention paid to sustainability.

2009 — The sensitivity towards more responsible and attentive production got stronger and stronger. With PEFC certification, we committed to using European and exotic wood from cultivated forests or sustainably managed areas. ISO 9001 certification for quality management ensured that all processes, carried out entirely in Italy, conformed to precise standards, using water-based paints and natural oils with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

2011 — 2012

2011 — We became part of Best Up – the most important circuit to promote sustainable living and we were selected to represent one of the best examples of virtuous and eco-friendly design at Fuorisalone. The search for a more genuine idea of beauty guided us towards the creation of the Onda range of floors, aged down to the smallest detail, including the small indentations that form around the knots of the wood.

2012 — We celebrated 30 years of CP Parquet and with renewed enthusiasm, we opted for an ever greener path. Greenpeace's guide to choosing environmental sustainable parquet assigned us the wooden medal and the first place among Italian companies for the number of wood types treated in an ecologically correct way. Compliance with strict limits on emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) also allowed us to obtain approval from the German Institute for Construction Technology DIBT Berlin.

2018 — 2021

2018 — Thanks to the prestigious collaboration with Agape – authentic Italian excellence in style and furnishings – we participated in the events of the Milan Design Week, presenting our collections in fascinating settings that recreated the various rooms in the home. The space created inside the Agape12 concept store became stable: a permanent exhibition in the heart of Milan, available to architects and users.

2021 — We opened the doors to a new showroom, set up inside our headquarters in Pieve del Grappa. The fully renovated exhibition area offers an exciting overview of the extraordinary variety of wooden floors, types and finishes. It is intended to become a meeting point for architects, designers and trade operators, where they can learn about the quality of our products up close.