From the forest to your home,
in harmony with nature.

The ethical and positive path
to create better wooden floors.

We consider the entire path that leads to the creation of our parquet, making sure it is ethical and good. We choose wood from sustainable forests, respecting the seasonal and drying times of nature. All processes are carried out in Italy with the utmost control of quality, health and the environment, respecting this living and precious material. The finishes are made by hand in Italy with great passion and ability by our master craftsmen, who are capable of creating truly unique and beautiful floors, filled with positive emotions.

We look for the finest wood types in Europe and around the world. To ensure the balance of the ecosystem, we use certified wood from cultivation forests or sustainable wooded areas.

Time is a precious ally of our work. Before any processing, the wood is left to rest in the open air, caressed by the wind, following a slow natural seasoning process of at least 6 months.

Following the seasoning process, the wood is transferred to the drying ovens to lose the excess moisture. We are not in a hurry, after drying, we let it rest again for it to stabilise.

The semi-finished wooden boards reach our plant and are cut into strips. We are assisted by the best technologies for maximum precision and to minimise waste.

The noble layer of the slats is finished with careful sanding that flattens and smoothens the surface, making it pleasant to the touch and visually very appealing.

The pre-finished two or three-layer parquet is created by joining slats that are thoughtfully pressed together and glued, using only the healthiest glues, with very low VOC emissions.

We are famous for the attention we pay to details and precision in the joints. Every board is completed by profiling with light chamfering and male and female processing on all four sides.

Fine treatments, carried out by hand, make every parquet unique, customising it with special finishes, such as brushing or staining. We also refine the noble layer with a natural oil polish or water-based paint that protects the surface and makes it bright.

We protect our floors with exclusively designed packaging that preserves their integrity and quality. Every package comes with a guarantee certificate that ascertains your purchase of original parquet, indicating all its features.