CP Parquet,
the soul of your home.

Every house is unique in its own way. Our task is to support its nature with our wooden floors.

Designing living spaces based on a holistic approach means being aware that we are not only taking care of aesthetics and functionality, but we are also building a close relationship between people and the environment. These creations show how our wooden floors integrate with the design while generating a positive energy for the wellbeing of those who will enjoy these areas.

Villa Viagrande

Private residences

Project by: Arch. Cecilia Guglielmino
CP Parquet by Arkasa srl

Casa D’Abbicco

Private residences

Antico Asolo 2-layers Collection
Herringbone 90°
American Walnut Natur, brushed varnished

Project by: Arch. Marco Tassiello

Retail Parajumpers

Retail space

Parquet and boiserie:
Antico Asolo 3-layers Collection
European Oak Rustic, brushed varnished Natura with sanitizing varnish

Project by: Studio Stamuli x Parajumpers S.p.A.

Private Residence

Private residences

Delta Apartment

Private residences

Antico Asolo 2 Layers Collection
Classico, Chevron
Burma Teak, brushed oiled bianco 099

Project by Architetto Matteo Benedetti
CP Parquet by Style Maison Parquet

Private Residence

Private residences

VM’s House

Private residences

Antico Asolo 2 Layers Collection
Natura, Chevron
European Oak, Select, brushed varnished

Project: 2A Architetti
Arch. Michele Iacopo Laezza
Arch. Giosuè Violante
Ph: Carlo Oriente

H-UNICA Atelier

Private residences

– Spina Ungherese AA2Layers European Oak, Rustic choice Brushed Varnished Grigio Tannino
– AA3Layers ‘500 onda European Walnut Rustic choice Varnished
– Tavolato 3 strati CP basic knotty European Oak Brushed Varnished Ischia

Progetto: H-UNICA Atelier

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