Bio’s Kitchen. An enchanted place inspired by nature

15 September 2020

A restaurant inspired by the nature finds its perfect balance between the style of the location and the functional soul of wood flooring. Bio’s Kitchen is an enchanted place. A courtyard in the heart of Bologna, where you can free your mind from daily distractions and live a whole new biologic gastronomic experience.

The venue’s interiors are extremely suggestive: designed by ArchiNOW Studio from Rimini, the location is enriched by natural materials and plants. 
The parquet recalls the typical colors of a soil and the brown shade of roots. The splendid larch natural hues were chosen to fit all the different nuances of the pieces of furniture inside the restaurant and the tones of the façade – whose exposed bricks reflect the features of Bologna architecture – creating a cozy harmonic space.

The saw cutting effect makes a statement. Those light signs left from the cutting procedure recall the ancient sawing process, enriching the planks with the authentic worn appearance that ArchiNOW was willing to achieve.

The successful collaboration between the Architecture Studio and CP Parquet brought to a high-quality parquet, able to combine aesthetics with strength.
Relying on CP Parquet for Bio’s Kitchen’s flooring was a natural choice. Parquets are entirely made with renewable resources: wood species coming from farming forests or FSC and PEFC certified areas, driven in a responsible way. Finishes are made with water-based varnishes and natural oils with low VOC emissions.


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