The art of renovating the antique

15 September 2020

It was the motto “authenticity in change” to inspire the Gashof Zum Hirschen Hotel renovation work: in fact, upon renovation of a historical and notorious structure such as the pilgrim’s old hostel located in Alta Val di Non (BZ), the architect Lorenzo Aureli devoted himself to a design that could renew the building in full respect and memory of its history.

This is how the desire to re-interpret the concept of hospitality, which once ruled that very space, directed the interior design: essential, clean and featured by the constant pursuit of contact with Nature and with the wanderers’ spirit.

Therefore, in order to make such harmony between man and nature alive and tangible, the hotel has been completely furnished with CP Parquet’s larch flooring from the Antico Asolo 3 layers NATURA Collection.

The name of the collection itself refers to a specific kind of product, realized in full respect of the environment and guaranteed of its sustainability by the most authoritative Italian and international organizations. A natural product, 100% made in Italy and TÜV PROFiCERT-product Interior certified which ensured the people’s health safety thanks to its extremely low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds.

The use of larch and the equally natural materials for floors and ceilings also recalls the Tyrolean culture of welcome and gives the rooms an intimate and comforting atmosphere.

The fine and natural CP Parquet floors were therefore chosen to give well being and relax to the guests of the Gasthof Zum Hirschen Hotel, in full respect of the spirit of both the building and the scenery.

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